Sunday, February 28, 2010


All of the kids were feeling a little under the weather on Valentine's Day. Nothing major, just some low grade fevers and no energy, so we had a lazy day. We hung out in our jammies and laid around watching movies.....and I am NOT complaining!!! Lazy days don't happen around here very often so I eat them up! It was so nice being able to snuggle the kids for more than the average 2.2 seconds they normally sit still for, but I also much longer will they let me do this??? How much longer will they want to "sit Mommy" and let me smother them with hugs and kisses? This first two years has flown by and I can't seem to slow down time no matter how hard I try. I'm afraid that before I know it, Timmy, Emma, and Kallie will be too old, too busy, and just too cool for snuggling with Mom (just thinking about it hurts my heart). So on this Valentine's Day I soaked it all in....I told them I loved them EVERY time I thought it, I held them a little bit closer, snuggled them just a little bit tighter, and covered them with HUGS & KISSES!!! It was a perfect day :)

We were lucky that fevers didn't turn into anything else, so the rest of the week was spent enjoying all the treats the kids got from their Auntie Aimee, Auntie Sarah, Auntie Becky and AuntieLor Lor....yes, we are very lucky to have so many amazing Aunties around!

Suckers are a current favorite....
We also made cupcakes, but Tim just moved all of our pictures from iPhoto to Aperture and I have no idea where they are or how to get them...I was just getting the hang of iPhoto!

Tim....I still love you even though you continually change things on me- especially with regard to the computer! All joking aside, thank you for showing me what true and unconditional LOVE is....on Valentine's Day and every day!!!

For the record, it might be late, but it is STILL February. Deadline met!

And I have no idea why this script is underlined, but I can't figure out how to change it :/

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Busy Bees!

This month has been crazy! I feel like I haven't had a chance to do anything, but I don't feel like I've really accomplished anything either! We've been busy trying to keep busy, I guess....Valentine's Day turned into Valentine's week around here (post to come...hopefully before February is over), wedding plans seem to be in full swing (I'm driving both Tim and Kami crazy with nonstop talk of wedding dresses, flowers and colors - the good news is Kami has taken over for now and my headache has finally gone away), we've had a few play dates with family and friends, and we've been trying to get out when it's not too rainy...which basically means we play in the mud. The kids love it...mommy, not so much!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sisters and Friends

All of my kids get treated the same when it comes to gender...they all watch Cars and Tinkerbell, they all play with airplanes and wear princess shoes, and they all wrestle with daddy and snuggle with it's been interesting to watch the gender differences begin to emerge between Timmy and the girls. If you put them in a room together, Timmy will find the cars and trains and the girls will gravitate towards anything pink!
I love being Timmy's mommy and while there is something so special and unique about the bond between a mother and her son, so is the bond, all be it completely different, between mothers and daughters. Emma and Kallie are so much fun...they're full of this softness and spunkiness....and well, just like the saying goes...

Sugar and spice and everything nice,
That's what girls are made of.

And it's true; they are!

Not only have I loved bonding with them, I've also loved watching the bond form between the two of them. They have a relationship that they don't seem to share with Timmy or anyone else. Maybe it's because they are identical, maybe it's just because they are sisters, I don't know, but they're connected in a way that I can't explain. They will stay up (for what seems like forever) during nap time, peaking through the slats of their cribs to see each other, talking and giggling, while Timmy is fast asleep. They laugh at the same things - they laugh when no one else is laughing and when no one else knows what they're laughing at. When they've been apart and first see each other again, their faces light up. They run straight to each other and into a hug, passing anybody who might be along the way...whether that's Timmy or me or Daddy - doesn't matter! And while sometimes I feel bad for Timmy and wonder if he'll ever feel left out, I am so grateful that the girls have each other....and that in each other they will always have a sister and a friend.