Monday, March 14, 2011


Ok, we've been MIA.  No good's just so hard to get back into it when you've gotten out of the habit!  But I'm determined to start blogging more regularly again......right after tonight, because tonight is The Bachelor Finale!  Yep, I said it....and I'm not ashamed to admit it (ok maybe just a little).  I love this season and I can't wait to watch "the most dramatic finale in Bachelor history" AGAIN....because Chris Harrison says that every season!  Lol!  But anyway, expect lots of blogging catch-up in the next few days.  Already feels good to be back!    


Esther and Brian said...

look forward to your posts and pictures of your gorgeous/handsome children! i love reading your blog because i feel that you are very real, because my twins are a bit younger than your triplets and so i can sort of see what's ahead of us and well, i like photos and photos of cute kids! :)

you know what i would really love to know is this: how do you keep your "cool" on long days when the kids are just driving you absolutely nuts and you have no help? this is what i am trying to figure out with my 30-months old twins...very busy, naps are rare, and well, crankies happen..and let's not talk about (lack of) sharing!!!!

Ami said...

Oh good! I can honestly say I've missed your blogs! And have you no fear-Bachelor junkies unite! I too, will be planted in front of my TV for "the most dramatic bachelor finale ever!" :) Welcome back! :)

The Alexanders said...

I'm glad your back!!!