Monday, February 20, 2012

Well hellloooooo there!

No really....hello, hellloooo, helllloooooooooo..........anybody there???

Has it really been this long?  Yep, I guess it has.  And this is my ATTEMPT at getting back on the horse ;)  It's been a while...some things have changed - the kids are 4 now (aahhhhh) and we moved...and some thing have stayed the same - namely me being a freak about doing things in order (even if 8 months later), so up next.....Kallie!


Mimzy Wimzy said...

I'm still here!!!!

Ami said...

Yahooooooo!!! So excited I can hardly stand it!! Welcome back!

The Alexanders said...

How did I miss these new posts until today?!?!?1