Friday, March 5, 2010

Halftime Score

Bowls of cereal - 5 (Timmy and Emma wanted seconds)

Loads of laundry - 4

Loaded dishwasher - 1

Suckers for getting dressed without fighting me - 3 (I know I shouldn't bribe the kids to do things that they should do anyway, but sometimes it just makes life easier...don't hate!)

Bowls of spaghetti - 6 (everyone wanted seconds)

Kitchen floor swept - 2 (it actually NEEDS to be mopped)

Picked up and put away all the toys in the living room - 2

Sippy cups - 8

Diapers - 9


We've made it halfway through the day AND I've already worked out, ran a couple errands, and showered, so no matter what happens after nap time...I WIN!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks - millions