Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oakland Zoo

Ok our day has been as "crappy" as our morning was (sorry about the pun). So while the kids are sleeping, I'm going to focus on better days. Last Sunday...well, actually the Sunday before that (I'm way behind), we took a trip to the Oakland Zoo. It was a beautiful day and the kids are getting to the point where we can let them out of their wagon without them running off (sometimes we have to sing "We're Following the Leader," but that's a small price to pay for not having to pull 90+ pounds of 2yr. old behind you up and down the hills of the Oakland Zoo) - I can't tell you how nice that is! We had so much fun and I love getting the kids out, and tiring them out, all while keeping the house clean! We didn't take that many pictures of the zoo animals...I guess we were too busy taking pictures of our little animals :) Here are a few from our day.
Kallie, Emma and Timmy
Emma playing in the turtle shells.
Kallie's turn on the frog (Timmy is in the background signing and saying "Mimmy a turn!")

Finally...."Mimmy's a turn!"
Timmy watching the lion...
Emma telling two squawking/fighting birds to "share!" Too bad she can't follow her own advice at home :/

This is life these days...at least one is not paying attention and someone is always picking their nose! Hey, if we can get one out of three to look, we're doing ok!

Waiting in line for one last choo-choo ride before heading home!

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