Friday, April 30, 2010


I realize it's the end of April and I'm just making it to the first Sunday of the month...Easter!  But here it is.  We had SO MUCH fun!  I wasn't sure how much the kids would "get it" this year, but they LOVED it!  They loved coloring eggs, they loved finding eggs (well, kind of...IF they had candy in them; they'd shake the egg to see it it had something in it....if it did, it went in the basket, if it didn't, it was dropped back on the ground), and they loved the candy, of course...and we loved watching them!  Kids have made everything in life so much better!!!   

Most of the Stacey cousins (L to R - Emma, Dylan, Matthew, Ryan, Kallie, Timmy).  I'm so glad that the kids have lots of little cousins to play and grow up with.  

Timmy can barely wait to go get his candy!

Love this face :)

Emma's face says it all....this Easter Bunny is a little scary.  Kallie wouldn't go near it, and I can't say I blame her!

Timmy wanted to color every egg "buuuuuuue."

Emma and Daddy

Kallie showing off her egg...(thanks for helping Bri Bri :)

Our finished products...a lot better than I expected!

Easter morning!  Yep, they're eating suckers already!!!

I can't lie...these next pics are actually from the day after Easter.  It was POURING rain on Easter :/ so we had a little egg hunt indoors, but decided to wait until the next day, and nicer weather, for a real Easter egg hunt.

Timmy shaking his egg to make sure there's something in it...

Emma checkin' out her loot....

Kallie "protecting" her stash...

All three sitting still...for a moment!

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i love the pic of the girls with their backs turned with their cute it!