Thursday, February 3, 2011


If dogs are a man's best friend, and diamonds are a girl's best friend.....then Play-doh is a Mommy's best friend.

I used to be afraid of letting the kids play with it because, well, it makes a mess!  But I have decided that the clean up is worth letting them do anything other than this...

I think Kallie might need glasses...she always wants to sit so close to the TV!  Don't worry, I don't let her stay here. 

The kids LOVE play-doh and it entertains them for a good 20 minutes!

The kids also got this....stuff (I can't remember what it's called) for Christmas.  It's similar to play-doh, but little balls that stick together that can be molded into whatever (very scientific explanation, I know).  The kids LOVE playing with it...and I love it because it doesn't dry out! 

Sometimes it's still surreal to me that I have triplets... 

And that our walls are covered with things like this...LOVE IT!

So basically, that's what we've been up to...lots of crafts and art projects.  I've been trying to be more "present" with the kids (more on that later).  We're missing warmer weather when we could get out more.  But until then...I'm stocking up on Play-doh! 


Ami said...

Another good friend of mine and HER son were playing with playdoh tonight too! That was random! Apparently, I have been missing out. Though I'm not sure if my kids would quite get that you PLAY with it, not EAT it...maybe in a few more months! :) Great pictures though! :)

The Alexanders said...

SO cute! At what age did your kiddos stop trying to eat it and actually playing with it??? I think we are still a ways off but I am so excited about it...I think I may have more fun that the fellas! If only I still had my playdough hairdresser set!