Monday, February 7, 2011

Keeping Up

There are lots of things that I can't seem to keep up with these days...

The dishes.

Sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor.


The laundry (especially the laundry...  IT. NEVER. ENDS.).

My kids playing hide-and-go-seek and running in three different directions during our trip to Target a couple days ago :/

And the kids' new obsession....pistachios!  Or "stachios," as they call them.  I can't crack them fast enough!!!



Ami said...

Okay, the "stachios" are hilarious. But more importantly, I'm just THANKING GOD I'm not the only one who can't keep up with cleaning and yes, the DREADED laundry!! :)

Esther and Brian said...

it's hard to be on top of things with my 2.5-year old twins, too! and that with "just two". but hey, the chores will get done eventually, right?

my boys are at the stage where prefer to walk in the stores (vs a stroller or the carts) and i let them but if they are not listening, i tell them that they will have to sit in the cart otherwise..and once in a while, they sure end up in there! they are testing us for sure, don't you think? :)