Thursday, May 19, 2011


I...flat out...suck!!!  No matter how good my intensions are, I haven't managed to get back to blogging!  I have, however, done a lot of thinking about it.  And I think I know what my problem is...I'm a chronological kind of gal.  I like things in a certain order and it's hard for me to jump from A to C without taking care of B.  That's just how I am.  It all started with a trip to Rush Ranch we took (months ago now). I never got around to posting it...and then we went to Disney on Ice....but I couldn't blog about that because I hadn't posted Rush Ranch yet.  And the same goes for our trip to the snow, and the beach, and Easter, and Mother's Day, and all the other fun (and some not so fun) things we've done in between.  It's snowballed and now I feel like I have this HUGE "To Do" list.  And the more things I have to do, the more I procrastinate!  This might be news to some (definitely not those who know me), but I am THE QUEEN of procrastination!  If you look procrastination up in the dictionary, there is a picture of me right next to it!!!  BUT...there comes a certain time and place where I decide I can't take it anymore...where the long list of things I've been putting off becomes too much for me to carry around and/or think about anymore.....and that's when I kick ass!  This is where I'm at right now, people!  I am about to kick some blogging butt!!!  Now whether that means I go back and post lots of our latest adventures....or just pick up from where we are now, I don't know.  We'll just have to see.....but in the meantime, here's a pic of my little cutie.  We've enjoyed some nice weather lately and it never ceases to amaze me how much fun kids can have with something as simple as a water hose and a little water...awe to be young again!


The Alexanders said...

glad you're back! I am mildly obsessed with having the blog posts in order can cheat by posting when you get to it and just setting the post date to the date that it happened...I may or may not have done this a time or two :)

Ami said...

Ladies, I really can't believe how similar we are! We will surely have fun whenever we get around to that trip! I HATE it when things happen too quickly to get em all blogged. The whole Mother's Day/Easter thing was really stressful and I never got those things fully posted either. But Stacey brings up a good point about back dating, especially if you print your for us? Well we don't care WHAT you blog about! We're just excited you're gettin your groove back!!

Jess - This is Worthwhile said...

I have soooo many things to blog about that if I get too behind I just say f*** it and do a quick recap and post whatever's most current. I'm down to a post a week, sometimes even less!! But, ya know. Such is life!