Sunday, June 5, 2011

Changing the channel...hopefully!

I'm really starting to think the blogging odds are stacked against me!!!  I just spent the last hour and an half blogging, only to have 95% of it unsaved and gone when I went to post!  UGGHHHH!!!!  Ok, changing the channel for any of you followers of The Secret out there and going to try again later (saying with a fake smile on my face :)

Oh yeah, and Tim wanted me to mention that he did NOT dress the kids (from my last post)...he merely let them dress themselves and didn't have the energy to fight them either!  Lol!

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Ami said...

Darcy, last night after I typed my RIDICULOUSLY long Photo Shoot/Kansas City post, I found that, like you, about 80% of it did not save either!! I was so flippin mad that I had to type it all over again!! I feel your pain! But I'm glad to see you were trying! I love new blogs from you!