Sunday, June 5, 2011

Timmy (Take Two)

He's the sweetest and snuggliest little guy ever!  Every morning (except when Daddy is home), he climbs in bed with me, tells me he "luffs" me "so so much," and kisses me all over the face.  MELTS. MY. HEART. EVERY. TIME.  Hands down, one of the best parts of my day!!!

He has my ears and walks JUST LIKE Tim, but he looks nothing like either of us really...I sometimes wonder how we produced such a milky skinned, blue eyed little boy.

He's so silly and makes us (and himself) laugh all the time.
Kallie is always saying, "My brother is silly!"

He calls himself "Mimmy" (but it sounds more like Me-me), and he prefers his hat backwards.  
While I was taking these, he kept taking his hat off and putting it on like this....

He has a crazy attention span....he loves to know how things work and he can sit and play/tinker with something forever!  But if he's feeling tested or put on the spot, he starts goofing off and you'd swear he has ADD!
He still loves baseball and he still says he wants to be a "Ginats" (SF Giants) when he grows up.
We think he's a lefty.

Remember that gray tooth that he got when he fell and hit his mouth; the dentist said it might become brittle and break/crack off......well, it's hanging in there.  And strangely enough, even though I was sad when it happened, it's probably one of the things I will remember most about him at this age and smile about.

He LOOOVES his Daddy somethin' fierce!  When I tell him I love him, it's not uncommon to hear in response, "I luff Daddy!"  He has explained it like this, "Daddy is warm and nice and coozy (cozy).  You're cold!"  Gotta love kids and their thought process!!!  

He has his moments, but for the most part he's calm and laid back.  Always happy about something.....smiling about nothing....and excited about everything!  He is so much fun to be around and did I mention he kinda melts my heart??? 


Ami said...

Darcy, forgive me for laughing here. Just last night as I was bringing the kids up to bed, I was holding Hunter and I said, "I love you Hunter." And what did she say? "I love you, Daddy." WHAT?? :) That Timmy is one adorable little dude! So stylish! I love his hat!

The Alexanders said...

Such a cute little photo shoot and write-up! I hope there is one coming for the other kiddos too!