Saturday, June 26, 2010

MAUI Day 3 - I DO

I'm going to wait for the pictures from our photographer before I post the wedding and talk about it, but I wanted to post this pic...or rather, this pic of a picture. It was slipped under the door of the hotel room while I was getting ready for the wedding.  At first I thought that my niece had done it while coloring with the kids next door, but then I realized it was from Tim (sorry Tim, but wait :).....and in an instance all the chaos running through my mind and body turned to calm as so many of the reasons I love him came rushing over me.  Tim is so logical and responsible when he has to be.  He's an old soul with so many wise thoughts and attitudes towards life....yet he is so simple, really one of the simplest people I have ever met.  He has a child-like sense of humor and ability to play and always have fun without worrying what anyone thinks.  He brings out a lighter side of that makes me feel silly and fun and care-free (and anyone who knows me would have NEVER used one of those words to describe me)!  Tim makes me laugh from my belly and smile from the inside out.  He is like a breath of fresh air.  He's MY breath of fresh air...even after 5 years and three kids.

Tim, I love you and all the little things you do, from notes left on post-its to drawings slipped under doors.  Thank you for showing me just how much the simple things in life can mean, and in understanding and appreciating that, how SIMPLY wonderful life can be!      

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