Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Magical Birthday!

Really....the longer I take to write this, the shorter it gets!

We took the kids to Disneyland for their birthday and had a little party with Mickey and Minnie (not exactly how I had imagined, but no time to explain here).

We tried several times throughout the day to get a good shot of the kids together...didn't happen!  But these two make me laugh.  Could Timmy "CHEEEESE!" any harder?!

A little cuteness :)

Grandma Stacey came, as well as Tim's brother and sister and their families...and my niece, Brianna came, too.  It got a little hectic at times, but totally worth it....I love that my kids have little cousins to grow up with!

Some of us - this was before Uncle Mike and his family arrived... 

All the little ones - minus Michael, Devin and Brianna...they're not so little anymore and they were too cool to hang out with us!

Eating at Goofy's Kitchen (the kids LOVED it)!

Favorite rides...
Timmy: "The faaaaassssst one!!!"  Notice the Matterhorn behind him...he LOVES it and is still talking about it!

Brianna and Emma on Emma's favorite..."the teacups!"

Kallie: "My favorite is Small World."
(I know, it looks like we've all had spray tans gone wrong - we are completely orange...but it's just bad lighting)

Here's a cuter one of Kallie to make up for it :)

On a quick side note...we've been to Disneyland quite a bit since last year and I couldn't love it anymore than I do at Christmas time.  Everything is decorated and lit up...

It's a Small World is one of my favorites this time of year....
The princess castle is UH-mazing!!! SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

And seriously, every time they make it "snow" and I see my kids reactions, I get a little teary...literally...I have to hold back tears because I feel ridiculous!  For lack of a less generic word used for's just so magical!

Happy Birthday, babies!  I love you tons and tons and bunches and bunches!!!

Done!  Moving on!!!


The Alexanders said...

Looks like the kiddos had an AMAZING birthday! How fun to be able to celebrate at the magic kingdom!

Ami said...

Birthdays at Disneyland?? OMG! It doesn't get much better than that!!