Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tall white mocha, please!

While we were in Tahoe, Tim and I went and got Starbucks one morning.  I'm not a HOT coffee drinker, so I didn't drink it right away.  I had a few sips, but for the most part I let it cool while I was getting the kids dressed for the snow.  At some point I left the room to get something, and when I  came back....the door was locked!  This was the first time the kids had ever locked themselves into a room...or locked me out of a room, depending on how you look at it.  There wasn't really anything in the room I was worried about them hurting themselves with, but still...  I wasn't sure if they had locked it on purpose or on accident...and more importantly, I didn't know if they knew how to UNlock it.  There were lots of rustlings and little giggles as I repeatedly asked them to open the door for mommy.  They'd jiggle the door handle and laugh when it wouldn't open.  After a couple minutes of trying to explain how to unlock the door, it was finally open...and there was Timmy standing in front of me with the biggest smile on his face and holding my coffee cup up towards me, "I drink it all gone fo' you!"  And sure enough....he had!  There was not a drop left!  It made for an interesting day....and I'm sure it didn't help his tummy feel any better.  Good thing it was only a small!

Fast forward to a few nights ago.  Timmy was laying in bed and going through his whole list of questions that he asks EVERY night...basically stalling falling asleep...

"Mommy, we don't have milk to bed?"

"No, we don't have milk to bed."

"Mommy, we don't have apple juice to bed?"

"No, we don't have apple juice to bed."

"Mommy, we don't have water to bed?"

"No, we don't have water to bed." (I feel bad saying no to water, but ever since the kids started wearing undies to bed, I try to prevent any and all bed wetting)

This is usually the end of the questioning, but this night there was a long pause and then...

"Mommy?  We don't have coffee to bed???"

"Uh, no!  We don't have coffee to bed!"  Or ever again!!!

Lol!  Can't blame him for trying...tall white mochas are one of my favorites, too! :)


The Alexanders said...

hahaha, I can't believe he downed the entire thing!

Ami said...

That is seriously funny Darcy! Kid's got good taste for sure! I'll totally have to remember the 'no water' thing when my kids get to the undies stage! :)