Saturday, January 1, 2011

Top Ten...

There are so many things I don't want to forget about 2010 (and I few I do), so in light of the new year, I thought I'd steal borrow a little idea from David Letterman (always did like him better than Jay Leno) and create our own Top Ten.

(taken earlier this year)
One of the things I don't want to forget....the kids learning to play hopscotch!  It was so sweet to watch them take turns hopping, not so coordinated, over (and on) the chalked lines.  

 And without further ado....

Top Ten Most Memorable Phrases of 2010!

10 - "I wanna do it!!!"  (This is nothing new or out of the ordinary for anyone who has lived with a 2yr old...but times 3, it is enough to drive you...literally...insane!)

9 - "You're the best, Mom."  (Okay I've really only heard this once.  But I never said MOST USED phrases, just most memorable...and it was memorable alright!  Kallie said this to me a couple days ago while just her and I were playing with play-dough at the kitchen table.....and it totally melted my heart on the spot!)

8 - "Cool Bus!"  (Timmy says this...and it would be ok if he meant "Cool bus!" but he actually means "School bus!" :)

7 - "Uh-oh, I pilled....I weed a wapkin."  (Timmy again.  Translation - "Uh-oh, I spilled...I need a napkin."  I think Speech Therapy might be in his near future.)

6 - "Officer Bob is gonna come get you and take you to JELLY!"  (Kallie said this to Timmy the other day and I just about peed my pants!  A little backstory...the kids love police cars, fire trucks and anything with sirens, but when we visited Auntie Aimee (Tim's cousin) and her husband came home, who happens to be a police officer, the kids were terrified of him....and his car!  We have since used him as a means of discipline - "Buckle up or Officer Bob will get you."  "Go to sleep or....."  I know, again with the great parenting, right?!  I have NO idea where the idea of jail, or "jelly" according to Kallie, came from, but it KILLS me so I'm not correcting her any time soon!)

5 - "Noooooo-wah..."  (Pronounced like a long drawn out Noah.  It is ANNOYING...the end!)

4 - "Lay me a lot!"  (I'm actually going to miss this one quite a bit some day...who doesn't want their kids to want to snuggle with them....not a little...but a lot! :)

3 - "Mom...MOM...  MOMMY!  MOMMY!!  MOOOMMY!!!"  "Yes, (Timmy or Emma or Kallie)?"  "Cuse (excuse) me, Mommy..." in the sweetest, most polite little voice.  (We are working on NOT interrupting and to ask nicely for someone's attention rather than yelling their name as loud as humanly's not going very well so far!)

2 - "Are you my best friend???"  (Not sure where the kids picked this up, but it is the cutest thing...EVER!  I never get tired of hearing them ask each other "Are you my best friend?"  Or say, "Daddy, don't leave....I'm your best friend." And it's always funny when it turns into an all out war, Kallie: "I'm you're best friend!"  Emma: "No, I'm your best friend!  Kallie louder: "NO, I'm your best friend!!"  Emma even louder: "NO, I'M your BEST FRIEND!!!"  It goes on and on and gets louder and louder.  And it's one fight I don't mind NOT breaking up.)

1 - "I wanna go to Gramma's house!"  (This IS the MOST USED phrase of the year...used by ALL the kids (but Emma is the biggest offender) ANY time of the day - morning, noon, and night.   It is often one of the first things I here in the morning; as well as all throughout the day...and if you happen to wake one of the kids while tucking them in in the middle of the night, they might just utter the groggy words, "I wanna go to Gramma's house.")

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