Friday, October 15, 2010


A while ago I got a forwarded email from my friend Jenna about the benefits of drinking water versus the "evils" of coke (but it tastes so good, especially with mexican food)....and at the top she wrote "No wonder you drink so much water."  I don't really....drink so much water.  I might drink less coke than you, Kam...and less beer than you, Jenna...but I don't drink nearly enough water.  I'm lucky if I drink 3-4 glasses...and that's on a good day.  But this email totally made me want to try harder.  It also made me want to pour a can of coke in the toilet and let it sit for an hour instead of scrubbing it clean (if you're as lazy inquisitive as I am, you'll want to know if this really works)!  But back to water.....we've had some hot weather lately and have been trying to spend as much time in it (water, that is) as possible.

The kids love these bath colors!

Cooling off in a cooler (yes, we filled it with water)!

IN the water table (hope this things doesn't have a maximum weight).

At one of our local parks

We can't get enough of the beach this year...

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