Sunday, October 24, 2010

How do you like them APPLES?!

Fall is finally here!  The weather is crazy this was hot a few weeks ago and today it is literally pouring down rain as I type this.  Somewhere in between, we had perfect weather and made it to Apple Hill.  I have such fond memories of going to Apple Hill as a little girl and I love that Tim and I have made it a tradition to go every year with our kids :)  What do I love so much about Apple Hill?  Insert the word FRESH in front of every one of these - apple donuts, apple fritters, caramel apples, apple pies (ok I don't really like apple pie, but I like the way they smell), apple cider, apple flavored milkshakes (this last one sounds a little weird, but think apple cider milkshake or caramel apple milkshake)...need I say more???

Bill's Apples

Rainbow Orchards for...

THE BEST fresh apple cider donuts! 
(Fresh like 'they don't fry them until you order them' fresh...and they are worth the wait)

And fresh apple cider :P

Picking apples at Pine O Mine

High Hill Ranch - one of our favorites...and everyone else's,'s always crowded!

The kids thought this duck was hilarious!

Ugh....I have had the worst time uploading to Blogger today!  It's taken me WAY longer than it should have  (seriously, I've been in here for hours) and there is one more pic that I wanted to post (one of my favorites from the day), but it won't upload no matter what I do!  I would blame it on the computer, but Tim would just tell me "it can't be...we have an Apple."  Pun intended...because he would actually call it a Mac, but you get where I was going with that.....anyway!  I'm going to try one more time and then I'm giving up...for now.  

Ok this isn't the version I wanted, but it will have to do!

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The Alexanders said...

ADORABLE!!! and I totally agree that blogger can be SO frustrating!