Friday, October 29, 2010

My Little Pumpkins!

I don't mean to keep talking about the seasons, but I really think we've gone straight from Summer to Winter here.  And between Tim's work schedule (he's been working a lot) and the rain's weather schedule (it's been working a lot, too) we have only made it to the pumpkin patch once!  It's sad because I love this time of year and Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!  Luckily Kami sent me a JibJab video (see last post) a few days ago and and it totally cheered me up!  I've seen it before; a few of my friends have done them with their families and I thought they were hilarious, but it's SO much funnier with your own....I've watched it several times and I laugh EVERY time!

Also making me smile are these little guys.  They had so much fun at the ONE pumpkin patch we made it to.  I'm glad we got to go....and I'm still crossing my fingers for a dry Halloween!      

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The Alexanders said...

oh my goodness these are great pictures! What lens did you use?