Sunday, July 18, 2010


Today Tim took the kids so that I could spend some time with Kami in the morning.  I wanted to take her to get a small token of our appreciation for everything she did for us and for the wedding...which was A LOT!  And honestly, I could never repay her.  Everything she did from the bridal shower and bachelorette party (why didn't I ever blog about those???) to the details for the wedding and the luau (and all the trips home that she took in between) were SOOOOOOO thoughtful and beyond perfect....and WAY MORE than I ever expected!

Kam, I couldn't possibly love you anymore for all the things you did because I already love you THAT MUCH!!!  But you will NEVER know how much I APPRECIATE YOU and all your hard work (I get tearly every time I think about it)!  Only you could put up with me - "All caps or no caps?  Caps and lowercase???  Comma or no comma?  One space or two?  One line or two?  Or what about three???  Period...oh wait, what about an exclamation point?  And should the print be in bold???......"  Seriously, anybody else would have hung up on me!  And that was just about invitations!!!  You were the best Lei'd of Honor anybody could ever ask for and I'll never forget putting this little wedding together with you, from our EARLY morning conversations via phone calls, texts, and emails, trying to get as much as we could done before the trizzles woke up (which I miss, by the way), to getting ready for the the car.....on the way to the wedding!  Lol!  Just another one of our crazy little adventures!!!

On a more serious note though...I love you so so much and you made my wedding day special...not just by all the big and little things you did to help me prepare (or the drinks you were bringing me :), but just by being there and by being you.  You of all people know how I hate making a big deal of things and I always just act like "Yeah, no big deal...I'm just getting married today..."  Thank you for ignoring me and making a big deal.  I always say that my life would not be the same without you...and likewise, my wedding day would not have been the same without you either :)  I love you forever!

"The Original" :)

We were a little ("eh-hem") short on pictures of us together in Maui...totally not taking the blame for that one!  So this was the best I could do from this day....more bad pics to come later!  Lol!

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