Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bay Area Discovery Museum

The first Wednesday of every month, the Bay Area Discovery Museum is FREE...and that's where you can find us! :) It's such a cool place.  It has learning centers and craft places and my kids could play for hours in the different parks and outdoor play areas.  As you'll see, the kids often have a hard time leaving.
All suited up in the space center

I love catching moments like this one :)
When we came out of the Space Center, some kids were sitting in our wagon and their moms were taking pictures (it wasn't the last time that happened that day) and I WISH you could have seen the look on Kallie's face!  Lol!  If looks could kill....

Before I had kids, I never knew there were different ways to eat a PB&J.  In our house, there are three....
Timmy takes it apart and eats one side at a time
Emma eats it "normal"
And Kallie takes it apart and licks it to death!


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