Saturday, July 31, 2010


So if the truth be told, all of the Hawaii posts should have background music....correction, sound effects....of whining, crying, screaming babies.  I had this idea of how our trip was going to be - I was worried about the airport and the 5 hour plane ride, but not the least bit worried about Maui.  I was sure the kids would be great there; they'd love it; and we'd all have so much fun!  In actuality, the plane ride was great, the kids did so well and several people commented to us on our way to and from Maui that the kids were so well behaved.  Once we got to Maui.....not so much!  I'm not sure what it was...the time change, the chaos of being in close quarters with more people for an extended period of time, being in an unfamiliar place without our normal routine, just the fact that we had lots to do that wasn't all about them, or all of the above, but they fell apart!  Luckily, they were behaved and did ok for things like the wedding and the luau, etc., but the in betweens were filled with grumpy attitudes and LOTS of temper tantrums.  And when I say temper tantrums, I  mean temper tantrums like I had never seen from them before....the throw yourself on the floor while kicking and screaming temper tantrums!  Kind of put a damper on the "so much fun" I had envisioned us having.  But what I've learned about life is much of it is all about perception!  I can choose to remember all the bad things about the trip and what didn't happen the way I wanted it to.....OR I can laugh at how crazy it ended up being and remember all the fun things we did and good times we had with our family and friends (even with the sound of screaming kids in the background :)  I'm choosing to do the latter.  And I mean really, how bad could it have been....we were in Maui!!!  So I'm remembering my trip like this...through some of my favorite pics.  I'm not saying they're the best pictures, but they make me smile!

In no particular order......

Yep, I love this man :)
Love this sandy booty, too!

Me and my sis
My cute mom and dad
Auntie Sarah (inside joke - lol)

My kids are SO lucky to have these three in their lives!
Emma and Kals
Mike and Lacey - had so much fun with these two!
And their baby, Aiyana 
Possibly one of my all time favs from the trip :)
Auntie Becky and Devin
Thanks for the beautiful cake, Kam (btw, sometimes I can't believe that the little boy in the lower left hand corner is mine)!

It's these moments....

Really??? Lol!

Sunrise at Haleakala - I can't believe I didn't post about this.  It was AMAZING!  But also VERY early in the morning, EXTREMELY cold and SUPER windy....which is why I won't be going back ;) 

Loungin' poolside...
Bri Bri and Emma

Timmy loved Aiyana...
He also LOVED the hula dancers and their costumes - "My buuue!"

Thawing out after the sunrise at Haleakala
Aunt Michele, Aimee, Grandma and Kallie overboard - lol!
Love this face!

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