Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Ok, I don't have a lot to say about Disneyland, except that it was a BLAST! I'm so glad that I didn't let thoughts of money, packing and driving stop me from going along with Tim's crazy (and very last minute) plan to go to Disneyland on his 3 day weekend. And I can't wait to go back again...but hopefully it won't be next month!

Never thought I'd like Disneyland so much as an adult, but I guess when you have kids, they really do change EVERYTHING!

Grandma Stacey came along with us....such a HUUUUGE help!!!

This isn't the best pic, but it pretty much sums up how I feel about our life sometimes...it's a little like a zoo, and I often feel stared at like caged animals!

Timmy LOVES "too-too tains" (choo-choo trains). Hands up.....weeeeeeee!

Love my boys :)

Me and Kallie....hands up going under the tunnel.

Meeting Tinkerbell (they love her)!

And she was SO cute with them. She even gave them some pixie dust...not enough to fly, just enough to last them forever :)

Seriously can't get enough of this little guy!

Kallie LOVED the Buzz Lightyear ride. She kept telling us she wanted to "shoot everybody."

Another day...another family shot!

Waving "Hi everybody!"

Emma - love her :)

Uhhh....Kallie's fake smile. She does this every time she sees the camera :/ Someday I guess I'll miss this smile (a smile only a mother could love).

Dumbo is a favorite! Me and Emma waiting for the ride to start.

Love this shot of Timmy! He sees Daddy taking his picture :)
The whole family in one teacup...and Grandma hopped in, too, after she took this pic!

In front of California Adventure

Emma (well, all the kids really, but Emma ESPECIALLY) is obsessed with Grandma - Grandma has to hold her; Grandma has to sit next to her; Grandma has to push her; etc. etc....This is the only way we got Grandma out of pushing the stroller...they HAD to hold hands!

Me and my BFF :) Kami lives in San Diego and came up to play with us for the day. This was taken right after we had dinner at the Blue Bayou. Loved the restaurant and the food was YUMMY, but I wouldn't suggest it with three cranky kids at the end of a long day :/

We spent one more day at Disneyland, but we left the camera back in the suitcase...on purpose (we NEVER do that), but it was actually nice to just play with our kids and fully enjoy the experience rather than worrying about getting a picture of everything. I love pictures and documenting memories, but sometimes, the best memories are the ones in your head!

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