Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Sweetest Things...

Ok first of all, WHYYYYY do my kids have to poop right after I change them and put them down for naps?!!! NOT very sweet :/

But back to things that ice cream and pastries, jelly and jams, candies....and my kids :) There was a break in the rain today, even a little sun shining, so the first thing we did this morning was get dressed and head out (that sounded like it was early, but by the time I can get myself and 3 kids ready it was about 10:30). I didn't know where we were going; I just knew we were going SOMEWHERE! We ended up at a little local shop out in the valley that sells the above sweets and shared a homemade ice cream.

Emma offering me a bite of her ice cream.
Monkey see, monkey do! Kallie wants to share, too!
Timmy is not one for sharing his sweets...he likes them a little too much!

On the way home we stopped at Target. Ahhh, I love that place for SO MANY reasons...a couple of them being that it gets us out of the house and my kids love it. Maybe it's the "cocorn (popcorn) and icee." Yes, I admit it; my kids had ice cream, popcorn and an icee all in the same afternoon, but I promise it doesn't happen often!

And I know, I know.... this isn't safe.

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Angela said...

Stopping by from M&M for a sweet Hello! Do your kids REALLY stay close to you when you're out at their age? I don't see a stoller nearby and I'm not EVER letting my trio OUT! Yikes!