Monday, January 4, 2010

Out of the Norm...

See the little guy below...isn't he ADORABLE?! He's the son of one of my childhood playmates, college roommates, and all around best friends :) Tim took some pics of him yesterday at his Daddy's work and I thought a few of them came out so cute...completely out of the norm for around here! We're used to three 2yr olds that don't listen, never sit still, and could care less that we are trying to take their picture :/ but Isaak was so good in front of the camera! He actually sat still, looked at the camera, and smiled.....ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!! Such a breath of fresh air! And he gave me hope that someday I might get a good pic of my kids. Thanks guys; we had so much fun hanging out with you yesterday...and the kids love their firefighter hats :)

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