Thursday, January 7, 2010


Tim is my complete opposite...the yin to my yang, or really the yang to my yin I guess (if we're speaking literally). He's fast; I'm slow. He's hot; I'm cold. He is spontaneous; I like plans and schedules. I can take months to make decisions; he does things NOW. I'm a homebody; he likes to be on the go....and he keeps our family BUSY! Just this last year we took the babies on several trips - to the beach, to a Giants game, to Santa Cruz, a couple trips to Tahoe, several trips to Discovery Kingdom, and one trip (our first trip as a family :) to Disneyland, just to name a few. Well this morning I woke up with a stuffed Mickey Mouse laying next to me in bed, which only means one thing.....Disneyland, here we come AGAIN!

Tim, my perfectly complete opposite, during our last trip to Disneyland...which happened to only be about a month ago. Oh boy, I'm already tired!!!

And here are a few more pics from our last trip....




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