Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Awful Tooth

So one evening Tim and I noticed that one of Timmy's front teeth was gray.  It had been fine all day, normal color, and as far as I could remember, nothing traumatic had happened (being Timmy, I would have known if anything happened)!  But then I was talking to someone about it and they mentioned that it probably wouldn't have been something that happened that day, but rather a few days prior...and sure enough, he had fallen and got a bloody lip about a week before.  So here we are at Timmy's first dentist appointment, which needed to happen anyway, this just got the ball rolling.  I wanted to make sure everything was ok, that it was nothing more serious, and that his adult tooth/teeth wouldn't be affected.  I was hoping they'd tell me it was just bruised and would return to normal after a few months (I realize that sounds silly, but I read that can happen).  I mean, I know it's not the end of the world, but I don't want him to have to walk around with a gray tooth for the next four years until it falls out!
So here's the good and bad news....  The good news is Timmy did great at his dentist appointment. He listened and followed directions to take the x-rays, he let the dentist take a look in his mouth and then let the hygienist clean his teeth.  The bad news is his nerve is dead and his tooth is not going to return to normal, but instead become darker over time.  Back to the good news though, it won't affect his adult tooth and the gray tooth will most likely become brittle and fall out, or break off at which point it will need to be pulled.  And I guess starting kindergarden with a missing tooth is better than starting kindergarden with a black tooth!   Trying to look at the bright side of things here!

My little guy :)
The crayons and coloring book were a good distraction...

But he knew something was up when they put the paper "bib" on him (he ripped the first one off).

Ok maybe he looks a little worried, but he really did so well!  He even helped hold the instruments :)

No surprise, he picked a blue balloon!

The girls are up next and I'm hoping they are as cooperative......fingers crossed!!!


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The Alexanders said...

I might be a little scared too if my dentist had a mask like that one!