Saturday, August 28, 2010

Garlic Fries

So every year since the kids were born we pack everybody up and go to a Giants's become kind of a tradition.  But the thing about going to games with the babies is you can't really sit down and watch the game for long and you can't let them run around too much either (the park is SO crowded it freaks me out to have them anywhere but right by my side)!  We walk around, we let them play in the trolly car, this year they got to play in the little league field, we of course grab hotdogs and garlic fries, and we usually leave early.  When walking back to the van I told Tim that it's like we go the the city just to grab lunch at the AT&T Park.  And that's pretty much what it is...but I love starting family traditions and I know that some day we'll be able to stay for a whole game (and I might actually know what the score is).  Until then, those garlic fries are so worth it!

I really thought that getting a picture of the three of them together was going to get easier.  Ughhh..... 

Daddy and Emma
Timmy rounding the bases...
And he's safe!!!

For being a girly girl, I was impressed with Emma's throw...


Gooooo Giants!!!
This is what everybody looked like literally 2 minutes after getting in the van!

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The Alexanders said...

your pictures are ADORABLE!!! I am the same about trying to start traditions, tougher than one may think though with triplets!!!