Friday, August 27, 2010

My little Sea Turtles :)

Even though the kids absolutely love the bath, pools, lakes, the ocean, puddles, and just about anything to do with water, they are very shy around strangers, so I was a little nervous about signing them up for Sea Turtles swimming lessons where they would be in the water with the instructor only...that's right, mommy got to sit back and relax (take pictures) while the kids had their first swimming lessons!  The first day confirmed all my fears as most of the half hour was spent trying to get the kids to STAY IN the pool!  Especially Timmy!!!
Emma, Timmy, Kallie
Timmy getting out of the pool.
Timmy getting out of the pool again (I have LOTS of pictures like this)



Footprints leading AWAY from the pool.

The instructor was so good with the kids....and so patient!  And by the second class we had some bubble blowing...

A few jumps...some small (Emma)...

Some big (Kallie)...

and Timmy just held on for dear life!  At least he's smiling though :)

The point is, they stayed in the water! 

And by the third and final class, the kids LOVED it!!!
Emma and Kallie

This little guy did SOOOO good the last day!

He used the kick board...

He was jumping in and going under...

We couldn't get him out of the water (I really did have to pull him out when class was over)!

The girls did awesome, too.  They listened and did everything the teacher asked.

"Motorboat motorboat, go so slow..."

"Motorboat motorboat, go so fast..."

"Motorboat motorboat, step on the gas!!!"

When class was over, they all got a little report card - so cute!  They did really good and made a lot of progress in 3 short classes, but the instructor recommended that they stay Sea Turtles for a little while longer...which I am completely fine with.  I wish freezing them in time was just as easy...I wish they could stay little just a little while longer, too!    

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