Monday, August 9, 2010

Life's a Beach

Last week we headed to Tahoe with the family.  I love it's so beautiful rain, shine, or snow! This time it just happened to be shine so we spent a couple of days at the beach :)

Sand Harbor

Kallie and Papa...this man LOVES his grand babies :)

Emma and Mama

Daddy doing canon balls off the rocks...

There was a squirrel that kept the kids entertained for a good half hour...and I'm sure he didn't mind all the chips and cheetos either :)  This is Kallie telling Timmy and Emma to be "very very quiet" in her LOUD voice! 

We always try to hit up a cute little burger place when we're in Tahoe...this time it was Izzy's! 

The beach at DL Bliss

No matter how much time we spend at the beach, this is where I can find the kids back at the cabin.
My water babies!

Lampchop has become the 6th member of our family, so you'll randomly see pictures of her...don't worry, she's old enough to drink ;)

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The Alexanders said...

your pictures are WONDERFUL! Are you shooting with a DSLR? if so what lens are you using?