Monday, August 9, 2010

Thank you, Barney!

My kids watch way too much TV probably more TV than they should.  One of their current favorites is Barney (gasp)!  I used to hate Barney and vowed that when I had my own children, they would never watch it.  X number of years and three 2 years olds later, I still hate Barney!  BUT it makes my kids quiet happy for a few they watch Barney!  We saw one particular episode about a month ago where Barney, or Baby Bop, or one of those characters goes to the dentist and Emma has been asking to go ever since!  I was a little worried that going to visit the dentist might be a little like going to visit Santa Claus.  We talk about it; we say we're going to hug Santa and sit on his lap; we're excited about it.....right up until we actually see Santa and react by breaking into tears and clinging to whoever is closest.  Basically, I was a little nervous to take the girls to their dentist appointment, but turns out I had nothing to be nervous about!  They did GREAT...thank you, Barney!

Emma wearing her "siddy jacket."
The nice thing about Daddy having a couple weekdays off...he's home to help with things like dentist appointments.  And he makes life SO much easier :)

Kallie's turn....

So proud of my little girls!  Show me your teeth....


First dentist appointments....done!  Now we just have to eat healthier, watch the sugar, keep brushing, and start flossing!  Oh yeah, and cut back on Barney!!!  

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